Osterøy dating norway

osterøy dating norway

Two thousand years of landscape - human interactions at a coastal peninsula in Norway revealed through pollen analysis, shoreling reconstruction, and osterøy dating norway dates from archaeological sites.

Environmental monitoring in Sørfjorden Osterøy Sammendrag Fish farming have been conducted in the fjords around Osterøy since the s. Due to poor results on the mandatory B and C surveys on some of the sites, a more extensive monitoring program was initiated. The program aims to monitor the environmental conditions in the area based on water, sediment chemistry and benthic fauna, and will run for five years.

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. DOI Demographic developments in Stone Age coastal western Norway by proxy of radiocarbon dates, stray finds and palynological data. Quaternary Science Reviews. Long-term changes in regional vegetation cover along the west coast of southern Norway: the importance of human impact. Journal of Vegetation Science 29, — Modern pollen-vegetation relationships in traditionally mown and unmanaged boreal rich-fen communities in central Norway.

Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology14— Prehistoric agriculture in western Norway — evidence for shifting and permanent cultivation based on botanical investigations from archaeological sites.

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 13, — From deciduous forest to open landscape — application of new approaches to understand cultural landscape utsira single menn in western Norway. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 25 2— Long-term vegetation dynamics and land-use history: Providing a baseline for conservation strategies in protected Alnus glutinosa swamp woodlands.

Forest Ecology and Management78— From forest to open pastures and fields: cultural landscape development in western Norway inferred from two pollen records representing different spatial scales of vegetation. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 18, — Were prehistoric cereal fields in western Norway manured?

Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. Vis forfatter e The medieval landscapes of Bergen. Enhanced knowledge through vegetation reconstructions and pollen data from multiple sites. Primitive tider. Two thousand singel i sauda of Landscape—Human interactions at a coastal peninsula in Norway revealed through pollen analysis, shoreline reconstruction, and radiocarbon dates from archaeological sites. Earth System Science Data.

Between winter storm surges - Human occupation on a growing Mid-Holocene osterøy dating norway maximum Tapes beach ridge at Longva, Western Norway.

Modern pollen—vegetation relationships in traditionally mown and unmanaged boreal rich-fen communities in central Norway. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology. Long-term changes in regional vegetation cover pris på singel i hjelset the west coast of southern Norway: The importance of human impact. Prehistoric agriculture in western Norway — Evidence for shifting and permanent osterøy dating norway based on botanical investigations from archaeological sites.

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. Dating of rock art and the effect of human activity on vegetation: The complementary use of archaeological and scientific methods. Forest Ecology and Management. From deciduous forest to open landscape: application of new approaches to help understand cultural landscape development in western Norway. From pollen percentage to vegetation cover — evaluation of the Landscape Reconstruction Algorithm in western Norway.

Journal of Quaternary Science. From pollen percentage to regional vegetation cover - A new insight into cultural landscape development in western Norway.

Further information: Osterøy island The municipality sits on the island of Osterøyand it is surrounded by several fjords: Osterfjorden - RomarheimsfjordenSørfjordenand Veafjorden. The highest mountain in the municipality is the metre 2, ft tall Høgafjellet on the municipal border with Vaksdal. The Lonevügen fjord cuts in the center of the island, with the village of Lonevüg sitting at the end of the fjord. Settlements[ edit ] Osterøy contains six "urban settlements"as defined by Statistics Norway with populations listed from 1 January : Valestrandfossen 1, inhabitantsLonevüg inhabitantsHausvik inhabitantsHaugo inhabitantsFotlandsvüg inhabitantsand Hamre inhabitants.

Journal of Archaeological Science. Pollen analysis in osterøy dating norway context of clearance cairns from boreal forests - a reflection of past cultivation and pastoral farming. Palynological perspectives on vegetation survey: a critical step for model-based reconstruction of Quaternary land cover.

Human impact and landscape utilization from the Mesolithic to medieval time traced by high spatial resolution pollen analysis and numerical methods. Estimating pollen productivity and relevant source area of pollen using lake sediments in Norway: How does lake size variation affect the estimates?

The Holocene. Ecology and long-term land-use, palaeoecology and archaeology - the usefulness of interdisciplinary studies for knowledge-based conservation and management of cultural landscapes. Holocene land-cover reconstructions for studies on land cover-climate feedbacks.

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Climate of the Past. Heathland development and relationship between humans and environment along the coast of western Norway through time.

Quaternary International. Effect of vegetation data collection strategies on estimates of relevant source area of pollen RSAP and relative pollen productivity estimates relative PPE for non-arboreal taxa. The environment of the Neolithic archaeological sites in Ĺ ventoji, Western Lithuania. Pollen productivity estimates of key European plant taxa for quantitative reconstruction of past vegetation: a review. Hesitant hunters: a review of the introduction of agriculture in western Norway.

Environmental Archaeology. Pollen osterøy dating norway used as a technic in interdisciplinary projects. Archeologia postmedievale. Palaeobotanical investigations in Bergen, Norway - development of an urban settlement and the use of plants in the medieval town. Use of modern pollen samples and estimated pollen representation factors as aids in the interpretation of cultural activity in local pollen diagrams.

Norwegian Archaeological Review. Modern pollen assemblages from mown and grazed vegetation types in western Norway. Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie. Kan vi püvise tidligere tiders slütte- og beitevegetasjon i osterøy dating norway Bergen Museums skrifter.

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The use of on-site pollen analysis, local pollen diagrams and modern pollen samples in investigations of cultural activity. Archaeologia Baltica. Herb pollen representation in surface moss samples from mown meadows and pastures in western Norway. Herb pollen representation in surface moss sample from mown meadows and pastures in western Norway. Relationships between pollen osterøy dating norway plants in human-influenced vegetation types using presence-absence data in western Norway.

Richerche paleoamientali in alta valle Splugo: rapporto Bergen I Preistoria e paleoambienti della Valchieavenna: richercha Forhistoriske og historiske kulturlandskap i tilknytning til vernet bygningsmiljø pü Havrü, Osterøy. FOK-programmets skriftserie, Program for kulturminneforskning. Pollenanalytiske undersøkelser i Kotedalen. Nytt fra Historisk museum i Bergen.

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Faglig foredrag Vis forfatter e Pollen analysis and cultural landscape development in western Norway. Tverrvitenskap og Nyset-Steggje. Palaeobotany and archaeology - examples on interdisciplinary research projects. Vitenskapelig foredrag Vis forfatter e Linpollen - ei historie om lindyrking.

Trelast, verktøy, skruer – alt av byggevarer

Subsistence strategies in western Norway. Examples from two deserted medieval farms. SmĂĽskala jordbruk i Neolittisk tid pĂĽ Vestlandet - en arkeologisk og botanisk analyse. Neolithic transformations in western Norway.

Utilization of mountainous areas in the Iron Age — the potential of land-cover reconstructions.

Medieval Bergen: consumption based on local resources and foreign trade. Land-cover reconstructions: new possibilities for quantificaton of big pollen data and identification of pre-agricultural vegetation disturbances. Variasjoner i tredekke de siste ĂĽr - fra Lista til Hordaland. The slow neolithization: a case-study from Western Norway.

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The introduction of agriculture in western Norway — cultivation prior to the Late Neolithic? Exams as learning arena: A criterion-based system osterøy dating norway justified marking, student osterøy dating norway, and enhanced constructive alignment.

Vegetation history at Ørlandet.

Pollen-based reconstruction of past vegetation cover; Small scale spatial and temporal vegetation patterns caused by human activity. Pollen analysis and archaeology - status and challenges. New insights into development of osterøy dating norway along the coast of Norway based on past land cover changes.

Land cover reconstructions in Norway — and some other results showing the application of pollen analysis in relation to archaeology and conservation issues. Human induced land-cover changes in western Norway.

Agriculture and husbandry in western Norway - the potential found in different deposits. Landscape transformations through time and Space; the influence of human Activity in western Norway. Human impact on vegetation through time - pollen analysis, landscape changes and exploitation of outfield resources.

From forest to open landscape - human impact on nature at the coast of western Norway. Iron Age landscapes of Western Norway - the potential in combining archaeology, pollen analysis, numerical methods and modelling approaches for identification of landscape patterns on different spatial scales.

Erdalen — nye undersøkelser 30 år etter Breheimenundersøkelsene. Cultural landscapes in mountains; vegetation types developed through and dependent on human activity. The archaeology of western Norway: new insights from palaeoecology.

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Rekonstruksjon av vegetasjonen i ulike periodar i fjordbygda Herand i Hardanger. Reconstruction of past vegetation cover in the village Herand by the Hardangerfjord in western Norway.

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Paleoøkologi, økologi og vern av landskap i endring. Landscape-scale palaeoecology: archaeological sites and pollen data.

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