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Scandinavian Journal of Psychology.

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ISSN A total of respondents completed the questionnaire, resulting in an 87 percent response rate. Data was analyzed Structural Equation Modelling. Results: First, all 15 scales included in the PPS showed excellent internal and construct validity.

That's because it's not one event, but It's little wonder then that when Rafer Johnson, a high school star in four sports, decided to compete exclusively in track, he chose the decathlon. Born August 18, in Hillsboro, Texas, Johnson and his family moved in the mid 's to Kingsburg, a small town in the central part of California.

PPS was also found to have configural- construct-level metric- and enslig i vadsø metric invariance across age groups and genders. Second, findings indicate that the PPS can be used for both research and consultancy based upon the JD-R model, while simultaneously assessing constructs of particular importance in Norwegian and Scandinavian legislation.

Conclusion: The PPS represents a short and efficient questionnaire which measures the most relevant working environment constructs in a reliable and distinct way.

The questionnaire has great psychometric characteristics and is well suited for use in organizations to measure employees´ experience of single speed hof environment factors, allowing organizations to identify areas of improvement and to support organizational development.

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Organizational climate and investigation performance in the Norwegian police: A qualitative study. Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling.

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Vis sammendrag The present study aimed to identify organizational climate dimensions that are salient for police investigation performance and to explicate the mechanisms of the relationship between organizational climate and investigation performance. Two types of climate, human relations climate and rational goal climate, were perceived to enhance investigation performance.

The findings indicate single speed hof a human relations climate enhances investigation performance by developing collective human capital and by supporting internal and external cooperation and coordination of resources.

Moreover, the findings suggest that a rational goal climate increases investigation performance by encouraging planning, goal setting, and task focus.

The relationship between the broader environment and the work system in a university setting: a systems approach. Studies in Higher Siljan single speed. Assessing knowledge-intensive work environment: General versus situation-specific instruments.

European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

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ISSN X. Toward a Taxonomy of Design Competencies. FormAkademisk - Forskningstidsskriftet for design og designdidaktikk. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Vis sammendrag What is it that designers talk about single speed hof mattering in their professional competencies?

Of a total of 2, statements, 1, were classified as related to design competence. A qualitative classification of the statements revealed that 1, Organizational climate in large-scale projects in the oil and gas industry: A competing values perspective.

International Journal of Project Management. Vis sammendrag The aim of the present study was to identify central dimensions and develop a model of organizational climate in large-scale project organizations in the oil and gas industry. Interviews with 18 employees 15 men, 3 women in a project organization in the Norwegian oil and gas industry were content-analyzed on two models: The global instrument, the Organizational Climate Measure OCM based on singelklubb vågan Competing Values Framework, and the domain-specific instrument, Project People Survey PPS.

The findings indicate that a climate characterized by a strong focus on a communication and cooperation with actors in the external environment such as vendors, and b internal cooperation and single speed hof with other projects and with the line organization, is perceived as critical to success in large-scale projects in the oil and gas industry.

Psychological Reports. Effects of socio-emotional stressors on ventilation rate and subjective workload during simulated CPR by lay rescuers. Applied Ergonomics. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Vis sammendrag Several studies have documented the occurrence of high ventilation rates single speed hof cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but to date, there have been no scientific investigation of the causes of hyperventilation.

Ventilation rates and subjective workload were significantly higher during exposure to socio-emotional stressors than during the control condition. All but one of the nine participants ventilated at a higher ventilation rate in the experimental condition.

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All nine participants rated the subjective workload to be higher during exposure to socio-emotional stressors. Hence, exposure to socio-emotional stressors is associated with increased ventilation rates performed by lay rescuers during simulated cardiac arrest using a manikin model. These findings might have implications for the understanding of the type of situations which hyperventilation may occur. Awareness of these situations may have implications for training single speed hof lay rescues.

Scandinavian Single speed hof of Organizational Psychology. Vis sammendrag The aim of this article was to investigate the generalizability of existing research on the relationship between organizational climate and innovation in the service sector. Encouragement and support of new ideas were positively related to innovation, whereas holding on to established ways of performing work was negatively related to innovation.

The results indicate that certain dimensions of the organizational climate are related to innovation, and of importance for innovation in service sector organizations. The present study discusses the generalizability of prior findings, the relationship between climate and innovation in the service sector, and suggests how organizations within the service sector can promote innovation. Effect of socioemotional stress on the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation during advanced life support in single speed hof randomized manikin study.

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Critical Care Medicine. Control strategies used by experienced marine navigators: observation of verbal single speed hof during navigation training.

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Vis sammendrag This article investigates the relationship between the control situation framework, as presented by Bjørkli et al.

Cogn Technol Work —80,and observed operator action and communication in high-speed craft operation in the Norwegian Royal Navy. The reported data include two series of events during sailing in the Norwegian archipelago where uncertainty of ship position, challenges of manoeuvring and navigation strategies are addressed.

The results indicate that the navigators perform actions and communicate in accordance with the key features of the control situation framework, and thus adapt to the interrelation between control possibilities and control requirements.

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The navigators were guided by explicit knowledge of the functional characteristics of psychical and temporal dynamics, which were actualized in manoeuvring. It indicates that the control situation framework can be used to describe the models the operators use.

All hypotheses were confirmed.

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