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Værøy Mannskor

We have long planned visiting this charming island and finally managed to set our feet on Værøy hiking trails only a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading out little guide to Værøy to find out: how to get to Værøy Lofoten, get around the island, learn a bit about Værøy hiking trails and single værøy experience single værøy the nesodden online dating Vaeroy ferry sailing route includes Bodo, Rost, Værøy and Moskenes.

Also, there single værøy limited connection during weekends. In yellow I highlighted the only sailing from Moskenes to Værøy. It leaves Moskenes at 9.

Fjelltur til Håen i Lofoten

I highlighted the only return sailing stopping over at Værøy, in orange. So it leaves Værøy at This is the only possible way of visiting Værøy on a day trip, without staying overnight at the island.

Sailing Haugesund to Lofoten- Around the Norwegian Sea pt.1

Also, keep in mind that the schedule vary depending on the day of a week! I guess you can now appreciate the importance of planing ahead and ensuring that you consult the most up-to-date timetable! Ferry schedule from Moskenes to Vaeroy, weekend Have you noticed it yet?

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So, if you miss your return connection on Friday single værøy, the next opportunity to come back to Moskenes would be Sunday night! Click here to check the Værøy — Moskenesoya connections valid till end of Januaryalternatively refer to Torghatten Nord website.

Lofoten, Værøy og Røst

Being totally on top of ferry schedule was exceptionally important to us! Have you read the blog post about our day trip to Lovund island in Helgeland, Norway? You can get around Værøy on foot, by bike or by car.

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  • Hund: Ja Om Nordlandsnupen Nordlandsnupen og Håheia utgjør en uslåelig duo blant fjellturene på den naturskjønne Værøy-øya.
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Getting around Værøy by car. Getting around Værøy on foot.

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Firstly, crossing single værøy Værøy as a foot passenger is cheap approx. However, from our own experience we explored Værøy on foot only having to walk to all places of interest or trailheads is a bit of pain in the backside and takes a serious chunk of time… Despite the distances on Værøy being relatively small, when added together they could come to a rather impressive figure!

From Sorland to Haheia or Hornet trail head is another 1. Then, to get anywhere else we had to return to the village add another 1.

Reiseliv og turisme

Getting around Værøy by bike. How to go about it then?

  1. There was airplane service at Værøy Airportbut it was discontinued after the Værøy accident in in which five people died.
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  4. Hund: Ja Om Håen Håen, også kjent som Håheia, er en av de mest ikoniske fjellturene i Lofoten og gir deg en majestetisk utsikt som minner om en svunnen tid da dinosaurene hersket over planeten.
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Great news is that Torghatten Nord treats cyclists the same as foot single værøy, you can take a bike to Værøy at no additional cost! During our visit to the island we noticed that cycling is the most popular mean of transport and many fellow visitors rented them in Sorland. Hence, this time we ensured to be more flexible to be able to play around the ferry schedule and Værøy weather forecast. Surely, we wanted to enjoy the single værøy in good weather, admire the views and walk about in sunshine, under blue sky!

Therefore we continued checking the forecast Værøy weather forecast and were very pleased to lillehammer datingsider that it was very, very promising!

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Excited, we arrived to Moskenes ferry harbour directions well before time and queued together with other foot passengers and cyclists. We were going to Værøy! We made plans, picked some Værøy hikes and beaches to relax. Crossing to Værøy takes just over 1 hour and only a couple of minutes after leaving Moskenes, I spotted a very familiar shape in calm sea waters.

You can only imagine my excitement! Arriving to Værøy island The first sight of Værøy in the distance was unsettling.

Slik fungerer omtaler

But we did check the forecast again in the morning and it promised heavenly weather! Well, so much about weather forecast in Lofoten… Luckily, when we approached the island, with relief we discovered that not the whole island is covered by clouds… ironically, the village was pretty much clear… Unfortunately, the hills almost completely disappeared under the thick, white blanket… but, as some parts of ridges were sticking out, we were hopeful.

Sadly, both hills single værøy almost completely covered by low clouds, or rather a mist, coming from the ocean, behind the island. It was actually very dramatic view and despite the disappointment, we admired the unpredictable nature.

Yep, Værøy was bathed in sunshine, with only one exception — the high ridge, the spine of the island, our main hiking destination! We decided to still give it a go and hike, starting with an easy walk to Haheia.

As we approached the trail head, we felt the temperature drop and clouds moving fast. They were like a waterfall moving down, over the ridge, to a small single værøy and lifting again, just over the village. Nordlandsnupten was covered in low clouds head to single værøy.

Værøy i Lofoten: Mann siktet for å ha satt fyr på en annen mann

The trails are marked and signposted at trail head. This is a relatively short single værøy easy hike, plentiful in spectacular views over the Sorland and Mastad villages and to beaches in remoter parts of Vaeroy. The trail begins at Hagskaret directions where you can also find a small car park.

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Round trip to Haheia is approx. A couple of photographs from our hike to Haheia, in very poor visibility. The highest summit of Vaeroy is relatively easy to conquer, however one thing to keep in mind is that trail head is located quite single værøy distance from Sorland and approx.

It is a short, but steep climb to the Nordlandsnupten summit; first up the Breivikdalen valley and then even steeper, along the ridge.

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This short and very steep trail starts at the small car park in Hagskaret and follows the Haheia path till the third hairpin bend of NATO road. At that point look out for a signposted trail heading directly up to the ridge.

Once at the ridge, turn right single værøy the summit. Click on the map below to enlarge it and explore even more hiking options.

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On the map, paths are marked with small red dots, most of them are signposted at trail head. Hiking trails on Vaeroy Lofoten. Map copyright Norgeskart What we loved about visiting Vaeroy Lofoten Despite being a bit unlucky with the ever present cloud cover over our single værøy focus — the hills, we enjoyed the visit to Vaeroy. The island has a very relaxed ambience. Why not enjoy eagle-eye view first, and then descend to the picturesque sandy beach? Enjoy stunning views and few fellow hikers Sharing is caring!

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