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Hammerfest, Norway

Hammerfest – the northernmost town in the world

Hammerfest in Finnmark lays claim to being the northernmost town in the world, with over 9, inhabitants at a latitude above 70°. There are some villages farther north, but none larger than 2, people.

History[ edit ] This section needs expansion with: Post-WW2 information, especially reconstruction after the war and more recent events. You can help by adding to it. This location hammerfest  single an important fishing and Arctic hunting settlement for a long time before it was given market town rights by royal decree of Christian VII of Denmark—Norway in As one of the main centres of commerce and transportation in western FinnmarkHammerfest became a target of the Royal Navy 's naval blockade. Thus, upon the request of local merchantsthe town received four six-pound cannons from the central armoury in Trondheim.

Hammerfest is one of the capitals of Sami culture. Understand[ edit ] The first church in Hammerfest was built in the 17th century.

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InHammerfest was issued hammerfest  single town charter, to promote trade and prosperity in the north. InHammerfest sent its first hunting expedition to Svalbardand the town was a pioneer in arctic trapping, although Tromsø took over by around InBritish forces hammerfest  single and sacked the town as part of their blockade policy.


During the 19th c. Ina devastating fire hammerfest  single the town.

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As part of the reconstruction, the town was the first in Europe to install electric street lamps. Inthe town was again destroyed, this time as part of the German occupiers' scorched earth policy.

Post war prosperity was ensured by the big Findus fish processing factory, that is now history.

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At the turn of the millennium, Hammerfest became an important base for gas extraction. Get in[ edit ] By air you fly to Hammerfest with the small aircraft of Widerøe from Tromsø.

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The famous Hurtigruten calls at Hammerfest. It's about five hours to Honningsvåg and Nordkappand 12 hours to Tromsø. See[ edit ] Despite being the oldest town in the north of Norway, there is precious little history. The town was destroyed by the British inby a devastating fire in and by the Germans in The Museum of Reconstruction tells the tale of the destruction of Hammerfest and the north inand the reconstruction after the war.

  • Located in the remote lands of the far north, Hammerfest has been an important port and base for Arctic exploration.
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The Church of Hammerfest is striking and modern, yet warm and welcoming. The grave chapel next door was the only WWII survivor in town.

Hammerfest church.

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