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ZEB Project report [40] Sammendrag The main aim of the work has been to do modeling dokka single speed calculations of the energy use, embodied emission and the total CO2-emission for a typical Norwegian residential building.

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By doing this we try to reveal and study the main drivers for the CO2-emission, and also which performance is necessary for components and solutions in a Zero Emission Building according to the current Norwegian ZEBdefinition.

The preliminary conclusions from this study are: 1.

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For a typical single family dokka single speed 2 storeys it is rather easy to achieve a ZEB-O Operation level, which in this case can be labeled a zero energy building energy produced on-site with PV equals total electricity demand.

Taking into account also the embodied emissions from materials and installations it is difficult to achieve the ZEB-OM Operation and Material level by using only the flat roof for PV-production.

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Even if the calculation of embodied emission EE has considerable uncertainties, preliminary results indicate that EE is significantly higher than the emission related to operational energy use.

However, in current calculation no significant effort has been made to reduce EE, in contrast to operational energy use where high performance solutions have been used.

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