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The number of patients each GP is responsible for.

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GP, general practitioner. Open in new tab All participants reported numerous experiences of handling couple relationship problems in their practice. None of the physicians had a special interest in couple relationship problems, nor were they trained in couples counselling techniques. There are different approaches to such conditions, and the GPs made a gay dating i eide of looking for underlying causes, and being open to biomedical, psychological, social, and existential explanations, including couple relationship problems.

At the same time, they often failed to address this issue and often focussed only on the presenting problem itself. The GPs had the impression that patients were often in need of a period of sick single speed lillestrøm when going through a divorce.

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Asking about social gay dating i eide and couple relationships in patients with a chronic or severe illness was emphasized. Such illnesses included psychiatric problems, unexplained symptoms, or sexually transmitted infections. Elderly patients were especially identified as vulnerable to couple relationship problems, because of well-known risk factors including chronic disease and cognitive impairment which are more common in this group. The doctors reported elderly patients who were unsure whether it was appropriate for them to start a new relationship when their spouse did not recognize them anymore.

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They also reported older people bringing up couple relationship issues such as domestic violence, sexual problems, and the experience of divorced patients being old and alone.

Addressing sexual health issues with both genders and at any age was a part of couple relationship problems the participants felt competent about.

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Everyone considered this an obvious task for a GP and a golden opportunity to ask more questions about the couple relationship. For younger patients, the importance of being an advocate for the children in a family and promoting awareness of how the children might be feeling was highlighted.

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It was emphasized how parental conflicts affect children. Pregnancy check-ups is a part of a GPs regular work in Norway. Most pregnant women are seeing their GP during pregnancy, and 6 weeks after giving birth.

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The first encounter with a new patient is often utilized to get to know gay dating i eide or her by asking about medical history and risk factors such as smoking and other lifestyle issues. Conceptual and role confusion The GPs discussed whether couple relationship problems should be an issue of concern in consultations. Others stated that all relationships, especially couple relationships, were important to health.

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Some of the less experienced gay dating i eide said that they would embrace this issue, in addition to all the other tasks in general practice, if research could convince them that relational problems are indeed important for health. When GPs were behind schedule, it was common for them not to ask about couple relationship problems, despite their awareness of taking the recommended holistic approach. One way to deal with time limitations was to acknowledge the problem and schedule a lengthier consultation towards the end of a workday.

The option of referring couples with problems to the Family Welfare Service were appreciated. Several participants called for tools to assess relationships and to help them offer counselling.

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Everyone had experience of talking with patients individually about their couple relationship problems, but only a few had talked with patients as a couple.

There was a common opinion that GPs should not act as psychotherapists practicing couples therapy unless they were especially interested and qualified. Paradoxically, the GPs did not see this support as therapy.

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The GPs had the impression that patients gay dating i eide them to be supportive—and they were aware that this could be a problem when both partners in a couple attended the same physician. Some reported difficulties in being impartial with both partners, to avoid the appearance of taking sides.

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Some emphasized that in medical education doctors learn communication skills useful for individual consultations, but not systemic counselling skills. Professional competence and personal experience The GPs in the focus groups had different amounts of training in psychotherapy.

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Several of the participants had competence in cognitive therapy techniques and restructuring. They used this competence mostly in individual consultations, but a few of the participants had tried dyadic consultations with couples. This cognitive approach could both challenge and equip patients.

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It was described as a useful tool that could contribute in a more constructive way dealing with relationship problems. A continuous doctor—patient relationship was described as important in enabling patients to talk with their GP about couple relationship issues.

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The participants had the impression that frequent changes of GPs made patients feel less safe in opening up about vulnerable issues and feelings of shame could become a hampering factor. Shame was brought up by the participants as both a hindrance and a facilitator, and they experienced that it affected whether their patients chose to talk with them about their couple relationships.

Sometimes, according to the participating GPs, shame prevented patients from confiding in friends and encouraged them to open up to their GP instead.

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The experienced doctors felt more comfortable talking about couple relationships compared to younger doctors. The most experienced emphasized that it was mainly their professional experience, but also, to a certain extent, their personal experience that qualified them to support patients with couple relationship problems.

Patients brought the subject up more often now than they could recall from earlier in their GP career. One participant mentioned that negative personal experiences could activate vulnerable emotions when talking with patients about couple relationship problems.

The GPs saw themselves as a medical facility easy to contact and attend, and they wanted to be supportive and understanding. They often took on the role of being a moderator, a sparring partner, or, as one of the participants described it, a dumping ground for negative emotions.

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