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ballangen single speed

Geologisk oversiktsrapport, Bruvannsfeltet, Ballangen kommune, Nordland.

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Forekomsten er beregnet til Forekomsten er delt i to av en NØ-SV strøkende hengselsforkastning. Vest for forkastningen har man en øvre og en nedre malm og derunder en sekvens nedover av steril peridotitt, pyroksenitt og noritt.

ballangen single speed

Øst for forkastningen har man ekvivalenten til den nedre malmen mens de underliggende lag er blottet NØ for Bruvannsfeltet. Rapporten beskriver forekomstens geologi, malmgeologi og strukturgeologi og gir bl. Foslie, SteinarIII.

ballangen single speed

Raana noritfelt. Differentiation ved "squeezing".

ballangen single speed

The present paper deals with the Raana field of noritic intrusives, situated on the south side of the Ofoten fjord, west of the town of Ballangen single speed. In the very rugged country with heigh ht differences of more than feet, the whole mass is exceedingly well exposed, and the results of differentiation can be followed in all details.

In the author's opinion this field examplifies excellently the importance of squeezing in certain differentiation ballangen single speed during orogenic foldings.

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The eruptive ballangen single speed occurs in a thick series of garnet-mica-schists with some leading horizons of marble. It is proved definitively, that the norite does not form an inverted syncline, but is injected at a certain horizon between the schists.

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Moreover, the way of intrusion has been parallel to the schistosity, and cross-cutting dikes of eruptive rocks ballangen single speed not been encountered in the whole district. Foslie, SteinarTysfjords geologi. Beskrivelse til det geologiske gradteigskart Tysfjord. It comprises a very rugged country between the coast and the frontier, with several glaciers and mountains up to meter. The present paper contains the geomorphology, general geology, tectonics and glacial geology of the district, further the history of mining, a full description of all the non-metallic mineral deposits and of those ore deposits, which are restricted to this map area.

The petrology and the rock analyses amounting to more than 30 are reserved however for a special paper dealing with a wider district. The same is the case with the main ore deposits in the northern part, extending outside the map area.

A main feature of the geomorphology of the district is the extreme westerly position of the main Scandinavian watershed. Its distance from the head of some of the present fjords is only 3 km, and in late ballangen single speed time this distance in one place was only 1 km.

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From here the water runs km eastwards to the Gulf of Bothnia. There is scarcely to be found a parallel elsewhere to such an extreme position. The sceneries on both sides of this watershed are widely different. Boyd, Rognvald; Mathiesen, Carl O. Reserves are 43 million metric tons with 0. The Råna intrusion consists of a peripheral zone of norite containing bands and lenses of peridotite and pyroxenite, and a core mainly of quartz norite.

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The Råna mass thus has a gross stratigraphy that conforms to the pattern of many layered intrusions, but, over much of the intrusions, primary structures have been disturbed by the later Caledonian fold phases which also involved local overthrusting; these movements resulted in an infolding and thrusting of units of semipelitic and calc-silicate gneiss and black schist into the intrusion. The body has the form of an inverted, possibly truncated cone with its axis plunging north- westward at a moderate angle.

There are problems in placing the Råna intrusion within existing classifications of ballangen single speed intrusions.

ballangen single speed

The peridotites show no obvious systematic variation of sulfide or silicate mineralogy across strike. The presence of sulfide-bearing black schists on or close to the contacts of the intrusion and emplaced within it along shear zones and the occurrence of graphite within sulfide disseminated in peridotite suggest assimilation of sulfur from the country rocks.

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Sulfur isotope studies do not, however, offer confirmation of the hypothesis that an external source of sulfur has had more than very ballangen single speed significance in Råna. Tucker, Robert D. Norway: new evidence of basic magmatism in the Scandinavian Caledonides in Early Silurian time. The intrusion, which consists of ultramafic and mafic cumulates derived from a high-MgO tholeiitic parental magma, was emplaced into argillaceous sediments within a probable marginal basin or back-arc setting prior to its tectonic single midt-telemark onto the Baltoscandian Shield.

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The age of the Råna intrusion, together with other zircon ages from similar layered mafic intrusions and ophiolites in Norway, provide evidence for a distinct and possibly short-lived period of back-arc spreading and mafic ballangen single speed in the upper part of the Upper Allochthon and in the Uppermost Ballangen single speed of the Scandinavian Caledonides in Early Silurian time.

The intrusion was emplaced during a period of regional crustal extension that post-dates the local D1 deformation phase and pre-dates phases D2-D6. The intrusion is an intraorogenic body emplaced during a tensional episode within the Caledonian orogeny, and its primary features have been distrurbed bu late- and postmagmatic deformation.

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Norite and gabbro-norite predominate, but there are ultramafic units as thick as m near the periphery of the body. The body probably resulted from multiple magma pulses emanating from a chamber undergoing differentiation at a lower level in the crust. Low-grade disseminated Ni mineralization occurs interstitially to silicates in dunitic and harzburgitic units at two levels in the ultramafic zone in the northwestern part of the intrusion. The deposit contains Fifty samples from the deposit have been analyzed for platinum metals: they include 10 bulk samples representative of whole drill-hole intersections with ore zones.

The absolute concentrations in the disseminated mineralization are Boyd, R. If a small amount of sulphide was removed from the magma prior to its emplacement at Råna the magma would be deplected in noble metals relative to Ni and Cu, and rocks forming from it would have high Ni and Cu to noble-metal ratios.

Boyd, R. By far the richest deposits are: Fæøy averaging ppb Pt and ppb Pd, and Lillefjellklumpen averaging ppb Pt singel treff knappstad ppb Pd. Both are small massive sulphide bodies, the former associated with late stage dykes within ballangen single speed Karmøy ophiolite while the latter is associated with MORB-type tholeiites within the Gjersvik island arc complex.

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Data from Norwegian deposits and from elsewhere indicate that Ni-Cu deposits in intrusions in orogenic belts tend to have low noble metal contents. Rapporten er skrevet på engelsk.

ballangen single speed

Intrusjonens nordlige periferi, inklusivt Bruvannsfeltet, ble kartlagt i A og det meste av massivet forøvrig i Denne rapporten beskriver intrusjonens geologi og presenterer kartleggingen på fem blad i M og på ett blad i M med tilhørende profiler. En mer detaljert kart- legging av Rånabogen fremgår av et kart i M Bindet gjelder undersøkelsene t.

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