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It currently holds three seats in the Parliament, having won 3. The current leader of the party is Olaug Bollestad.

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Under the old leadership of Bondevik and Valgerd Svarstad Hauglandthe party was to some extent radicalized and moved towards the left. Due largely to their poor showing in the electionsthe party has seen a conflict between its conservative and liberal wings.

senja speed dating norway

Cultural and spiritual values were proposed as an alternative to political parties focusing on material values. The immediate cause of its foundation was the failure of Nils Lavika popular figure in the religious community, to be nominated as a candidate for the Liberal Partyfor the parliamentary elections in In reaction to this, Kristelig Folkeparti was set up, with Lavik as their top candidate in the county of Hordaland.

senja speed dating norway

He succeeded in being elected to Stortingetthe Norwegian parliament. No other counties were contested. At the next elections, inthe party also ran a common senja speed dating norway with the Liberal Party in Bergenand succeeded in electing two representatives from Hordaland with The Christian Democrats became senja speed dating norway of a short-lived non-socialist coalition government senja speed dating norway with the Conservative Partythe Liberal Party and the Centre Party in At the elections ofthese senja speed dating norway parties won a majority of seats in Stortinget and ruled in a coalition government from to The Christian Democrats opposed Norwegian membership in the European Community ahead of the referendum in The referendum gave a no-vote, and when the pro-EC Labour government resigned, a coalition government was formed among the anti-EC parties, the Christian Democrats, the Liberal Party and the Centre Party.

Lars Korvald became the Christian Democrats' first prime minister for a year, until the elections of restored the Labour government. The party's historic membership numbers peaked with 69, members in Inthe Christian Democrats received Kjell Magne Bondevik served as prime minister between andin coalition with the Liberal Party and the Centre Party, and then between and with the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party.

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In the election, the Christian Democrats received only 6. Inthe Conservative Party and the Progress Party formed a new government based on a political agreement with the Christian Democrats and the Liberal party with confidence and supply. In the election, the party got only 4.

senja speed dating norway

In latethe Christian Democrats were split over the question of a potential government participation and the future direction of the party. At a party meeting in early Novemberthe delegates were asked whether to stay in opposition or to join either a "red" or a "blue" government coalition with party leader Knut Arild Hareide favouring a centre-left government with Labour and Centre parties, and deputy leaders Olaug Bollestad and Kjell Ingolf Ropstad wanting to join the existing right-leaning cabinet of Erna Solberg.

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The delegates decided with a narrow majority of eight votes to join the existing Solberg's Cabinet with ConservativesLiberals and the Progress Party. While founded on the basis of advocating moral-cultural Christian issues, the party has broadened its political profile over time, although Christian values remain its core distinction. It is considered an overall centrist party, combining socially conservative views with more left-leaning economic positions.

Their policies that support Christian values and oppose same-sex marriage appeal to the more conservative, religious base. Membership had no such requirement.

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The increase of support for the party from other religious groups, such as Muslims, [28] stimulated efforts to abolish this rule. The new rules require that representatives work for Christian values but do not require them to declare a Christian faith.

The party supports accessibility to contraception as a way of lowering abortion rates. The party has criticized the Polish government's policy towards LGBT people, and supported the Norwegian government's decision to withdraw financial support to Polish municipalities that have declared themselves as LGBT-free zones.

Therefore, it is important that the government now is clear about the terms of receiving financial support through the EEA funds.

senja speed dating norway

We want to support a policy that protects diversity and freedom. The party supports Norway's signature råde single jenter ratification of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons [40] and want stricter rules for Norwegian arms sales abroad.

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Hilde Frafjord Johnson held the position from to and again from toduring Bondevik's First and Second Cabinet. He described these group as: women, children, people with disabilities and sexual and religious minorities. They want 1 percent of the GNI to be spent on development aidand a larger share of the sum to be spent on poverty reduction and climate change adaptation.

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