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Carrying three lanes, the 7,meter 23, ft long tunnel reaches a depth of meters ft below mean sea level. The tunnel has a maximum gradient of seven percent.

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It acts as the main link connecting eastern and western Viken countysupplementing the Moss—Horten Ferry which runs further south. The tunnel is since a part of European route Euntil it was part of National Road The crossing was originally served by the Drøbak—Storsand Ferrywhich commenced in Plans for a fixed link were launched inoriginally based on two bridges which would connect to Håøya. Plans resurfaced in the early s with the advent of subsea tunneling technology and the Oslo Airport location controversywhich proposed airports in Hurum, Ås and Hobøl.

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Even though Gardermoen was ultimately built as the airport, the tunnel had raised sufficient support to be built irrespectively.

Parliament gave approval on 13 December and construction started on 14 April The tunnel single speed hobøl official opened on 29 June and was financed in part by a tollcollected by Bompengeselskapet Oslofjordtunnelen at a toll plaza in Frogn.

single speed hobøl

Inthe manual toll station was replaced by an automatic station. Since 30 Augustit is free to pass through the tunnel.

The tunnel was flooded in and and experienced a landslide in All of these incidents resulted in the tunnel being closed for weeks. There have been two major truck fires, one in and one in Single speed hobøl the latter incident, the tunnel has been closed for heavy traffic exceeding 7. In an effort to eliminate the problem, the Public Roads Administration has proposed building a second tube. Specifications[ edit ] The Oslofjord Tunnel is a 7,meter 23, ft long subsea tunnel which constitutes part of European route E and is hence part of the Trans-European road network.

The tunnel traverses below Drøbaksundet of the Oslofjord, reaching a maximum depth of meters ft below mean sea level. The tunnel has three lanes, with one used as a climbing lane in the uphill direction to overcome the seven percent gradient. It has a speed limit of 70 kilometers per hour 43 mphwhich is enforced by traffic enforcement cameras. These can be sealed off from the main tunnel and can each provide pressurized space for thirty to fifty people while a fire is being fought.

To handle this a pump system is installed capable of draining 4, litres single speed hobøl gal; 1, US gal per minute. The section from Bjørnstad in Røyken to Vassum was built at the same time as the tunnel and is referred to as the Oslofjord Link Norwegian: Oslofjordforbindelsen.

The crossing primarily serves as a quicker link connecting Buskerud to Follo and Østfold. Alternative crossing involve driving north via Oslo or south via the Moss—Horten Ferry. As part of a national road, its operation and maintenance is financed single speed hobøl the national government. They have subcontracted the operations of their administration and the toll plaza to Vegfinans.

Payment is automated through Autopass. The average annual peak was reached at 7, inbefore falling to 6, in Planning of the ferry service commenced in and its first single speed hobøl, Herøy singel 1, serve the crossing until It was then replaced with Drøbaksund, which was itself replaced with the larger Drøbaksund II in From it was supplemented with Hurumferja, hence the service having two ferries.

Road planning was in the following decade reorganized so that most planning fell within the jurisdiction of a single county. As a crossing of the Oslofjord invariable would have to cross a county border, plans fell outside the natural planning framework. Initiated by Hurum Municipality, it was also partially owned by larger companies in the municipality. The cost of the project was steep, the Håøya bridges alone estimated at million Norwegian krone NOK.

The plans were rejected by the road administration because of the steep cost and low traffic prognosis, while others criticized the environmental impact it would create single speed hobøl Håøya and at the towns of Svelvik and Drøbak. The choice of a subsea tunnel alternative would allow for major single speed hobøl savings, easily shaving away half the cost. Another contributing factor was the Oslo Airport location controversywhich proposed various locations for a new airport.

A fixed crossing would be allow for a fixed service from Vestfold and Buskerud if an airport was located in Hobøl or Åsand it would allow for a fixed service from Follo and Østfold if the airport was located in Hurum. Also the construction of a new plant at Tofte Cellulosefabrikk was expected to give a large rise in lumber transport to the region and could contribute to cross-fjord traffic.

First a road departing from the E18 at Jessvoll near Drammen through Røyken and then under the fjord before terminating at an intersection with the E6.

The second phase would see the construction of a road from the tunnel through Hurum to Verketin a new subsea tunnel under the Drammensfjord near Svelvik and then through a tunnel to Sandewhere it would intersect with the E Cost estimates for the auxiliary road system was estimated at between NOK and million, depending on the amount of reused road dønna dating site the standard chosen.

single speed hobøl

It was proposed consisting of the Drøbak Bridge, a three-pylon cable-stayed bridge with main spans of and meters 1, and 1, ftrespectively, with the central pylon placed on Askholmen. On Håøya the route would largely run through a 2-kilometer 1. Across Vestfjorden the road would cross on another three-pylon cable-stayed bridge with main spans of and meters 1, and 1, ftwith the central pylon placed on Stedgrunnen.

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The decision included single speed hobøl four-lane motorway-crossing of the Oslofjord. The Public Roads Administration published six alternatives for a crossing, including four bridge alternatives, a conventional tunnel and an immersed tube. Planning halted in after the airport construction decision was shelved. Without the airport traffic, the profitability in the project fell through and the Public Roads Administration called to single speed hobøl prioritize other investments.

However, Minister of Transport and Communications Kjell Opseth was a staunch supporter of the Oslofjord Link, in part as a compensation for the loss of the airport after it in was decided to be built at Gardermoen.

The former stated that a bridge would result single speed hobøl trucks consuming only half as much fuel on the segment, while the latter was also enacted by the prospect of the bridge becoming a tourist attraction. A full-scale construction was debated, with two tubes and a new highway all the way to Lier. The tunnel was estimated to cost NOK ringebu dating. Opseth's also announced that he favored a motorway alternative with twin tubes single speed hobøl four lanes.

The tolls were financed through private debt accumulated by Bompengeselskapet Oslofjordtunnelen, owned jointly by Akershus County Municipality and Buskerud County Municipality and established in late To cut costs further, plans to build northwards and westwards from Hurum were placed on hold. Thus the new auxiliary road network was limited to The toll portion of the investments were set at NOK million. The ministry stated that they would if necessary pass state zoning laws to avoid such disruptions.

The ministry also decided that the road would be designated National Road 23 and be treated as a trunk route.

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The tunnel was expected to see a quintupling of the traffic compared to the ferry service. Construction commenced on 14 April However, in January the tunnelers met a wall of sediments. Although projected, it turned out to be more than 10 meters 33 ft thick, instead of the expected 5 meters 16 ftdelaying the project with six weeks.

The segment was overcome by injecting concrete to create a shell before removing the masses.

erotisk massasje hobøl

The former stated that the installation would be required in relation to national regulations, while the latter stated that the fire chief lacked technical qualifications to assess fire protection in tunnels. The installation would cost between NOK 3 and 10 million. The ferry service was at the same time terminated.

single speed hobøl

This caused the pumps to malfunction and it took a week to drain the tunnel for 3, cubic meterscu ft of water and allow it to open. This was the first time such an single speed hobøl occurred in a subsea tunnel in Norway.

The tunnel was closed again on 16 January after geological surveys found a section of unstable rock. Thirty-four people were caught in the smoke-engulfed tunnel, of which single speed hobøl were sent to hospital.

The cause of the incident was an escalated fire in the engine. The tunnel was thus closed for all traffic. This resulted in a doubling in the number of issued speeding tickets, with 1, tickets issued in the first month.

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The remainder was used for interest and to operate the toll plaza, which cost NOK 14 million in The agency stated that advanced tolls on a new tube would allow for a lower total toll collection, as interest payments would be lowered. In addition the tolls would stimulate for less traffic through the tunnel, which single speed hobøl agency wanted to reduce until a second tube opens.

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Should the second tube not be built, single speed hobøl tolls will be used for other projects in the single speed hobøl. The red line shows the second, proposed tube and carriageway. The Public Roads Administration announced on 10 Flateby speed dating norway that they intended to build a second tube for the tunnel along with a second carriageway on the section of National Road 23 from the tunnel to the Vassum Interchange on E6 in Frogn.

The investment was proposed financed through an extension of the toll collection for an additional twelve to fifteen years.

This will allow each of the tubes to act as an emergency exit for the other. The second tube will have to closely follow the route of the current tunnel, thus eliminating the possibility of a less steep gradient.

The Public Roads Administration regards the section through sediments at Hurum as the most challenging part and is considering altering the tunnels positions, both horizontally and vertically, through this part. This involves rebuilding the roundabout at Måsa to an interchange, construction of a parallel tube for the 1,meter 5, ft Frogn Tunnel, a parallel bridge for single speed rubbestadneset meter ft Bråtan Bridge and a reconstruction of Vassum Tunnel, which acts as a gradient between a single- and twin-tubed tunnel.

The one involves the original crossing via Håøya, estimated to cost NOK 7 billion. The latter bridge allows for a railway to be carried as well.

single speed hobøl

Finalizing a proposal in time for completion by is regarded by the authorities as crucial, as by that time European Union regulations will be enforced, requiring the tunnel, because its location on a Trans-European Network, to have two tubes or a parallel evacuation tunnel. Alternatively, a new bridge could be built further south to replace the Moss—Horten Ferry.

The latter would see the Oslofjord Tunnel remain open, and could or could not result in a second tube being built.

The ministry has stated that planning of a bridge would not be completed before

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