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The process is now finalized and not only two, but four students have signed internship contracts. Have you done this kind of "speed dating" before?

They functioned in much the same way as the 'meet and greet' here at NHH, with minute interviews with the firms that had selected you based on your CV and transcripts.

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The 'speed dates' were later followed up with longer interviews for successful candidates. Why did you want apply for the internship?

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It can be difficult for international candidates to find jobs in Norway and I thought it would be a great opportunity to make contact with a Norwegian company. Did you know anything about DOF Subsea before the interview? I was going to dating norway i sem until I got settled in at school before I started to apply for jobs, but then this came up near the beginning of the semester and I applied.

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Cassandra is prepared for a busy semester next year with her studies in addition to working for DOF Subsea at least one day a week. She looks forward to working with lots of interesting tasks in her new job.

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