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Personality disorders: the impact of severity on societal costs. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience. ISSN Countertransference in the treatment of patients with personality disorders: A longitudinal study. Psychotherapy Research. Mental health disorders, functioning and health-related quality of life among extensively hospitalized patients due to severe self-harm — results from the Extreme Single speed selvik project. Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Societal costs of personality disorders among treatment-seeking patients in Norway: the relative contribution of specific DSM-5 categories. Paap, Muirne C.

Journal of Personality Assessment. Societal costs of personality disorders: A cross-sectional multicenter study of treatment-seeking patients in mental health services in Norway. Journal of Clinical Psychology. Combined group and individual therapy for patients with avoidant personality disorder—A pilot study.

Improvement of personality functioning among people treated within personality disorder mental health services.

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A longitudinal, observational study. The Norwegian network for personality disorders—development, contributions and challenges through 30 years. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry. Full text in Research Archive Show summary Background Patients with personality disorders PDs often have insecure attachment patterns and may be especially vulnerable to abrupt treatment changes.

Patients with borderline PD BPD are often considered vulnerable to treatment interruption due to chronic single speed selvik of abandonment. Nonetheless, other PDs are poorly investigated. Methods The study is based on a cross-sectional survey distributed to patients referred to 12 different PD treatment units on a specialist mental health service level within the Norwegian Network for Personality Disorders.

The survey included questions on treatment situation, immediate reactions, and changes during the crisis. Results All patients were followed up from their therapist after March 12th.

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Almost all patients in both groups expressed satisfaction under the new circumstances. Both groups experienced the same regularity as before, but more AvPD patients reported less than weekly consultations.

AvPD patients reported more negative feelings about changes in therapy, and missed the therapy and group members more than the BPD group. Conclusion After the lockdown, BPD patients received a closer follow-up than AvPD patients, and the latter reported more negative feelings related to change in their treatment situation.

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The importance of feeling remembered during the Covid crisis—A qualitative study of experiences among patients with personality disorders. Nordic Psychology. Vulnerability of personality disorder during COVID crises: a multicenter survey of mental and social distress among patients referred to treatment.

Psychometric evaluation of the Norwegian Toronto Alexithymia Scale TAS in a multi-site clinical sample of patients with personality disorders and personality problems.

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Vulnerability of personality disorder during the Covid crises — a multicenter survey of treatment experiences among patients referred to treatment. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment. Group Dynamics. Assessment ASM. Latent variable models were used to investigate the dimensionality of the LPFS. Threshold parameters for the 12 indicators of the LPFS increased gradually over the latent scale, indicating that the five LPFS levels were ordered as predicted by the model.

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In general, the increase of threshold parameters was relatively small for the shift from Level 2 to Level 3. A better distinction among the different severity levels might be obtained by fine-tuning the interview guidelines or the Level 2 indicators themselves Paap, Muirne C.

Quality of Life Research. Development of therapeutic alliance in mentalization-based treatment—Goals, Bonds, and Tasks in a specialized treatment for borderline personality disorder. BMC Psychiatry.

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ISSN X. Measuring personality problems in patients with substance use disorders: A cross-sample validation. Journal of Personality Disorders. Level of personality functioning as a predictor of psychosocial functioning-Concurrent validity of criterion A. Are impairments in theory of mind specific to borderline personality disorder? Mentalization-based treatment or psychodynamic treatment programs for patients with borderline personality disorder single speed selvik the impact of clinical severity.

Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice. Validity of the Birchwood Insight Scale in patients with schizophrenia spectrum- and bipolar disorders. Psychiatry Research. Full text in Research Archive Show summary The aim single speed selvik this study is to investigate the validity of the Norwegian version of the Single speed selvik Scale IS in large and representative samples of single speed selvik with schizophrenia spectrum disorders, bipolar I disorder and bipolar II disorder.

A total of participants were included schizophrenia spectrum disorders: ; bipolar I disorder: ; bipolar II disorder: Confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to investigate the construct validity and bivariate correlational analysis was applied to investigate convergent validity.

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Confirmatory factor analyses indicated a reasonable model fit to the original three-factor subscale structure of the IS in all three diagnostic groups. Single speed selvik IS total score and its subscales correlated significantly with both the insight items in the Young Mania Rating Scale and the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale in both schizophrenia spectrum disorders and bipolar I disorder.

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In auli single speed bipolar II disorder group, however, the IS subscales correlated poorly with both the observer-rated measures. Our study supports the construct validity of the IS in both schizophrenia spectrum disorder- and bipolar disorder populations. Interrater reliability of the structured clinical interview for the DSM-5 alternative model of personality disorders module i: Level of personality functioning scale.

Revised manual for the Global Assessment of Functioning scale. European psychiatry. The Iowa Personality Disorder Screen: A validation study in a psychiatric population that receives long-term group psychotherapy for personality related problems. Personality and Mental Health. Psychometric properties of the severity indices of personality problems sipp in two samples a norwegian community sample and clinical samples of patients with and without personality disorders. Single speed selvik Journal of Psychological Assessment.

The Work and Social Adjustment Scale: Psychometric properties and validity among males and females, and outpatients with and without personality disorders.

The design of the MBT-G adherence and quality scale. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. Alcohol use disorders are Single speed selvik With increased effective lability in bipolar disorder. Journal of Affective Disorders. International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Primary emotional traits in patients with personality speed dating norway drøbak. Attachment styles in patients with avoidant personality disorder compared with social phobia. Experiences in Close Relationships - Psychometric properties among patients with personality disorders. Show summary Patients with personality disorders represent maladaptive attachment strategies, influencing the quality of their interpersonal relationships.

Within these patient populations, it is important to have a measure, easily applied, to assess such strategies.

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A widely used instrument is Experiences in Close Relationships ECRassessing two constructs called avoidance and single speed selvik. The aim of this study is to investigate the psychometric properties of the Norwegian version of ECR and its two short forms in a sample of patients with mainly personality disorders.

The internal consistency of ECR was found questionable.

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The ECR-N12 revealed a mediocre fit, indicating a potential for improvement. Exploratory factor analysis indicated two different aspects of avoidance and three aspects of anxiety. Inferences from scores based on ECR should be derived with care. Self-harm and suicidal behavior in borderline personality disorder with and without bulimia nervosa. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Changing from a traditional psychodynamic treatment programme to mentalization-based treatment for patients with borderline personality disorder - Does it make a difference?

Does a web-based feedback training program result in improved reliability in clinicians' rating of the global assessment of functioning GAF scale? Psychological Assessment. Show summary The Global Assessment of Functioning GAF Scale is used in routine clinical practice and research to estimate symptom and functional severity and longitudinal change. Concerns about poor interrater reliability have been single speed selvik, and the present study evaluated the effect of a Web-based GAF training program designed to improve interrater reliability in routine clinical practice.

Clinicians rated up single speed selvik 20 vignettes online, and received deviation scores as immediate feedback i.

Growth curves of absolute SD scores across the vignettes were modeled. Moderation by content of scale symptoms; functioningscale range average; extremeprevious experience with GAF rating, profession, and postgraduate training were assessed. Training reduced deviation scores for inexperienced GAF raters, for individuals in clinical professions other than nursing and medicine, and for individuals with no postgraduate specialization.

In addition, training was most beneficial for cases with average severity of symptoms compared single speed selvik cases with extreme severity. The results support the use of Web-based training with feedback routines as a means to improve the reliability of GAF ratings performed by clinicians in mental health practice.

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These results especially pertain to clinicians in mental health practice who do not single speed selvik a masters or doctoral degree. The three factors of the psychoticism scale of SCLR. Show summary Former studies have repeatedly found the psychoticism PSY scale of Symptom ChecklistRevised to be a heterogeneous construct.

The aim single speed selvik this study was to confirm and further explore the nature of this heterogeneity within a large sample of patients with mainly personality disorders. Within a total sample of 3 patients, one-half was randomly selected for explorative factor analysis in order to assess the internal structure of the PSY scale and the other half to cross-validate the findings by a confirmatory factor analysis.

The total sample was then used to assess associations between the components from the factor analyses and several clinical measures and diagnoses. A one-factor solution of the PSY scale yielded poor fit to the data, but a proposed structure of three latent constructs was confirmed by good model fit.

The three subsets of the PSY scale, labelled metacognitive dysfunction, self-accusation and detachment, shared variance with different personality disorders and different aspects of psychopathology, e. The heterogeneous PSY scale of SCLR can be divided into three meaningful clinical concepts, reflecting different aspects of psychosis-near experiences.

Psychometric properties of the Affective Lability Scale 54 and item version in patients with bipolar disorder, first-degree relatives, and healthy controls. Testing different versions of the affective neuroscience personality scales in a clinical sample. Step-down versus outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment for personality disorders: 6-year follow-up of the Ullevål personality project. Eating disorders in a large clinical sample of men and women with personality disorders.

The impact of extended longitudinal observation for assessment of personality disorders. Spørreskjema for måling av kroppsopplevelse. Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening. Why the factorial structure of the SCLR is unstable: comparing patient groups with different levels of psychological distress using Mokken Scale Analysis.

Comprehensive Psychiatry. Using measures from the SCLR to screen for personality disorders. Long-term continuation treatment after short-term day treatment of female patients with severe personality disorders: Body awareness group therapy versus psychodynamic group therapy.

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Psychiatric symptoms and countertransference feelings: An empirical investigation. A study of patients with personality disorder not otherwise specified. Specific personality traits evoke different countertransference reactions - An empirical study.

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Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. A cross-sectional study of meaning in life among patients with personality disorders in Norway. Show summary Objectives: Deliberate self-harm DSH is frequent among patients with Borderline personality disorder BPDwhereas the prevalence of this behaviour and its associations with psychosocial distress and impairment among patients with other PDs is less known.

The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of DSH among outpatients with Avoidant PD AvPDand to examine the association between DSH and psychological distress, impairment in work and social otta single menn, and the number of fulfilled BPD-criteria within this group of patients.

Methods: Data on all patients with AvPD but no comorbid BPD were retrieved from 20 outpatient treatment units on a specialist mental health service level within the Norwegian Network for Personality Disorders. Logistic Regression was used to explore associations between selected variables and last year history of DSH. Conclusion: DSH is highly prevalent among clients with AvPD in outpatient treatment settings and strongly associated with depression and psychosocial and work impairment. The latter may imply that treatment interventions originally developed for patients with BPD could also single speed selvik an effective treatment for self-harming patients with AvPD.

Ekstrem selvskading ; Nasjonal kartlegging av pasienter med omfattende behandling i døgninstitusjon grunnet høy selvmordsfare. Introduction and aim: Suicidal and non-suicidal self-harm NSSI are common behaviours in patients with borderline personality disorder BPD and represent important challenges to patient safety and treatment implementation.

We used data collected from a large clinical cohort of adult patients with BPD treated at units in the Norwegian Network of Personality Focused Treatment Programmes DN to explore age and gender differences in past single speed selvik current self-harming behaviours and associated symptoms. Methods: Interview and self-report data from DN was analysed, counting patients diagnosed with BPD, wherein 79 men

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