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Arukve, Augustine; Knudsen, F. R; Goksøyr, Anders Peer reviewed; Journal article, Environmental estrogens have recently caused great concern because of their ability to mimic natural hormones and influence vital endocrine functions in humans and wildlife.

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The induction of vitellogenin Vtg synthesis Kristoffersen, Jon Bent; Salvanes, Anne Gro Vea Peer reviewed; Journal article, First of its kind, this study examines effects of preservatives on otoliths as well as on fish size and weight. Nyléhn, Jorun; Totland, Ørjan Peer reviewed; Journal article, The effects of temperature and "natural disturbance" on growth, seed production, and population density in the facultative hemiparasitic annual Euphrasia frigida Scrophulariaceae were examined in the middle alpine zone Totland, Ørjan; Schulte-Herbriiggen, Björn Peer reviewed; Journal article, The pollination and reproductive ecology of Saxifraga stellaris was investigated in alpine southwest Norway.

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A breeding system analysis, with performance of controlled crosses, revealed that S. Meløy single damer, Heikki; Birks, Harry John Betteley; Korhola, Atte; Blom, Tom Peer reviewed; Journal article, Chironomid-temperature inference models based on an expanded data set of surface-sediment and limnological data from 53 Subarctic lakes in vedavågen dating norway Fennoscandia have been developed using eight different numerical techniques, Peer reviewed; Journal article, The International Tundra Experiment ITEX is a collaborative, multisite experiment using a common temperature manipulation to examine variability in species response across climatic and geographic gradients of tundra Totland, Ørjan; Peeters, Liza Peer reviewed; Journal article, This study examines the ratio vedavågen dating norway wind to insect pollination of five alpine-arctic Salix species and possible correlations between plant traits and this ratio.

The field work was done in an alpine area in southwest Norway, Andersen, Gidske L. Master thesis, Nine wadi localities in a hyper-arid environment have been registered in the field and studied using earth observation data.

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Branch height, crown — and trunk — diameter, and vedavågen dating norway of land-use such as present traces

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