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The island municipality is located in the Midhordland district of the county, sitting in a large group of islands immediately northwest of the city of Bergen.

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The administrative centre of the municipality is the urban village of Kleppestø on the southeastern shore of the island of Askøy. The square-kilometre 39 sq mi municipality is the th largest by area out of the municipalities in Norway.

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Askøy is the 36th most populous municipality in Norway with a population of 29, The municipality's population density is Its population growth among the highest in Norway.

Most of the population growth is due to migration from Bergen and the surrounding districts of Nordhordland and Midhordland.

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Map of the urban areas of Askøy, in relation to the city of Bergen View of Kleppestø, looking northwest The parish of Askøen was established as a municipality on 1 January dating steder skogn formannskapsdistrikt law.

Ina small area of the neighboring municipality of Fana population: 18 was transferred to Askøen.

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On 1 Vestland speed dating norwaya small area near the village of Hanevik population: 32 was transferred from Askøen to the neighboring municipality of Alversund. On 1 Julythe southern mainland portions of Askøy population: 6, were separated from the municipality to form the new municipality of Laksevåg.

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This split left Askøy with 4, residents. On 1 Januarythe Hanevik area population: on the island of Askøy was transferred to Askøy from the municipality of Meland.

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Also on that date, the old municipality of Herdla was dissolved. The parts of Herdla on the island of Askøy and the island of Herdla population: 1, were also transferred to Askøy. This boundary adjustment put the entire island of Askøy, the island of Herdla, and many tiny surrounding islands in the municipality of Askøy.

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The name is identical to the word askr which means " ash tree ". The last element is øy which means " island ". On 3 Novembera royal resolution changed the spelling of the name of the municipality to Askøy, removing the definite form ending -en.

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The letter y was added to the end of the word to "Norwegianize" the name ø is the Danish word for "island" and øy is the Norwegian word. The blazon is "Argent, an ash tree on an island vert" Norwegian : Eit grønt asketre på ei øy mot botn i sølv. This means the arms have a field background has a tincture of argent which means it is commonly colored white, but if it is made out of metal, then silver is used.

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The charge is a large ash tree on an island with three waves below. The arms are a canting since the name of the municipality means something like ash tree island.

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The arms were designed by Magnus Hardeland. The municipal flag has the same design as the coat of arms.

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It is part of vestland speed dating norway Vesthordland prosti deanery in the Diocese of Bjørgvin. Churches in Askøy.

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