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Menu Destination Hamarøy Beautiful Hamarøy offers single hamarøy nature experiences you long for. Combined with unique cultural experiences, Hamarøy brings joy to both your heart and mind.

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Here's an overview of local operators who can assist you in experiencing the area in the best possible way. Hamsunseteret The Hamsun Single hamarøy is the national center dedicated to the author and Nobel laureate Knut Hamsun Steven Holl's wondrous tower invites you on a journey of discovery and reflection into the shadows of Hamsun's life.

Hamsun's literary characters have left their mark on the building's architecture, and in the extensive exhibition, you can explore Knut Hamsun's controversial life and literature.

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The windows and balconies encourage you to observe and listen to the landscape that shaped Knut Hamsun's upbringing and inspired world-renowned books like "Pan," "Growth of the Soil," and "Hunger.

Árran is a Sámi professional, knowledge, and competence institution that engages in Sámi museum activities, language initiatives, art management, cultural activities, as well as research, Arctic, and development tasks.

  • Lytt til teksten Innstillinger Opplæringen av voksne flyktninger foregår i regi av Oppeid skole.
  • Reiseliv i Hamsuns Rike - turistinformasjon for Hamarøy, Tysfjord, Steigen og Sørfold kommune
  • Find your place to eat in Hamarøy - choose from restaurants, cafes, pubs and more.
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  • Våre hytter Hytte Hamarøy - liten moderne hytte på pilarer Hytte Hamarøy Hamarøy er en kompakt hytte med en fascinerende takstruktur og sjenerøs takhøyde.

If you want to learn more about Sámi culture, identity, history, and art, Árran could be the place for you. Les mer Vestfjord Explorer An epic way to experience Hamarøy is from sea.

Omstridt grenseforslag fikk ikke flertall

Either by RIB, by kayak or by wakeboard through the Single hamarøy. Vestfjord Explorer provides tours with Single hamarøy aswell as renting a variety of sportsequipment at Skutvik.

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Les mer Tranøy fyr To just be there, whether in good weather or storm, and experience the mighty mountains, the sea, the birds, the midnight sun, and the northern lights, leaves deep imprints on your body and soul. Here, you can give yourself permission to simply BE and be embraced by nature single hamarøy us.

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Les mer Landstrykerstien A recommended hiking experience is the Landstrykerstien Wanderer's Trailone of the most beautiful hikes on outer Hamarøy. Here, you'll get up close to Hamarøyskaftet, explore the picturesque village of Nordland, and enjoy stunning views of beautiful Sørdal, where the film adaptation of Hamsun's novel "Landstrykere" Wayfarers took place.

  • Hålogaland Court of Appeal Division map Ofoten District Court covers the pink areas top of map in Nordland county, plus three municipalities to the north in Troms county not on map Ofoten District Court Norwegian : Ofoten tingrett was a district court in Nordland county and a small part of Troms in Norway.
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  • Hamarøy kommune: Omstridt grenseforslag fikk ikke flertall – NRK Nordland
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  • Et innbyggerforslag om å splitte opp Hamarøy har skapt store diskusjoner i kommunen.

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