Melhus single speed

melhus single speed

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Stations[ edit ] The commuter rail system serves 39 railway stations[7] most of which predate the commuter rail service. When the Røros, Meråker and Nordland Lines were built, stations buildings were built at all places with a passing loop, and most of these stations the buildings remain, although they are not necessarily open to travelers.

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The concept was based on the Jæren Commuter Rail which had been established the previous year, operating between Stavanger and Egersund. The initial plans called to the continued use of the Class 92 rolling stock, but saw change in schedules and new upgraded platforms for 15 million kr.

Hofstad i Melhus - bolig og hushold i førromersk jernalder

They were optimized to give good protection from various types weather. The changes to the schedule involved almost a doubling of the number of departures, particularly between Trondheim and Stjørdal, where a one-hour headway was introduced. While local trains had existed previously north of Trondheim, the services south to Oppdal were all new in an area which was previously only served by intercity and melhus single speed trains.

The initial services consisted of four services from Trondheim—northwards along the Nordland Line to Steinkjer, east along the Meråker Line to Storlien, south along the Dovre Line to Melhus single speed and south-east along the Røros Line to Tynset.

NSB stated that their primary goal was not to compete with the four hourly airport coaches which operated to the hotels in Trondheim, but instead to provide services to communities in Nord-Trøndelag and south of Trondheim. The investment cost NOK 50 million.

melhus single speed

At the same time, the company announced a reduction in the number of services from Trondheim to Steinkjer. From 11 Juneall services on the Dovre Line south of Støren were terminated, leaving only intercity services.

Sæbjørg Walaker Nordeide Stenvik og Arne Espelund

NSB melhus single speed to introduce a faster airport link, similar to the Airport Express Train in Oslo, which would allow the trains to operate from Trondheim to the airport in 20 minutes.

The plans would have called for the termination of service at 17 of 21 stations and investments at about NOK 3.

melhus single speed

A fixed, hourly headway was introduced on the trains from Steinkjer to Trondheim; including extra rush-hour trains from Lerkendal to Stjørdal, giving 23 departures per day in each direction.

South of Trondheim, the service was rerouted to terminate at Lerkendal.

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At the same time, the station at Marienborg and Røstad opened. The Meråker Melhus single speed had about twice the number of passengers. The National Rail Administration stated that if any private companies wanted to operate melhus single speed routes without subsidies, they were free to do so. From JuneNSB introduced additional rush-hour trains between Trondheim and Steinkjer, giving a half-hour headway. The trains were staffed by NSB on the Norwegian side of the border, and by BK Tåg staff on the Swedish side, after the latter had won møte single i sunnfjord public service obligation contract with the Swedish authority.

The brand Trønderbanen was abandoned and the administration was assimilated into the functional departments and partially moved to Oslo. The name-change caused protests from historians and the municipal committee responsible for naming.

The station was located in a curve and within the signaling area of Levanger Station m distance. Because of the adjacent Melhus single speed Hospital, the station was one of the busiest on the system, with 90, annual riders.

melhus single speed

As compensation, a new pedestrian and bicycle path was constructed from Levanger Station to the hospital.

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